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For a few years, the team at SunFactory have been supporting those in need by Organising and Financing Solar Energy and Infrastructure projects for impoverished Communities. Now it's time for our Customers to join with the SunShare Program!

So What Is SUnShare?

In the Western World we obviously take many day-to-day luxuries for granted. Clean water, Internet, and of course, one of the most difficult things to come by - electricity.

Electricity isn't just about powering TV's and charging our Electric Cars. In many cases in impoverished rural areas, education is hampered due to an inability to find current curriculum and print it out for students. The alternative is to purchase extremely expensive 

textbooks and have them shipped in!

This is just one of many examples of how communities without Electricity Infrastructure are disadvantaged!

SunFactory directly supports communities primarily in Australia and Africa. Our Teams have lived with and are in constant communication with the communities that we support. We do not work through any strange 3rd Party Charities, and have yearly Staff Trips to each location and community for updates and support!

Want to get involved with this awesome program? All of our customers have the opportunity to join the team. Simply let your assigned Solar Specialist know you want to support the campaign and $100 of our profits will be donated toward the projects upon Installation of your system! Obviously, you can add any amount of funds to donate - just let us know!

Additionally, if you'd like to donate separately, get in touch with our team by sending an email to!

It's always important to use Local Workers to complete work around the communities. This ensures that our programs don't sidestep local labour and unintentionally take work away from the community!

A big challenge with projects in Rural Communities is being able to get the necessary supplies to the workers. Above a team of workers is installing a Solar System on a community home which was driven in from the nearest major city.

Through the SunShare program, communities that previously had to rely on extremely expensive generators to produce electricity for their homes and schools now have access to a reliable supply of energy!

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