Share The Sun Draw!

Hello Sun Sharer's! We are very excited to announce that it is time for us to give back to the community! Are you running or apart of a Non-Profit that helps the local community? The Team at SunShare are funding solar system installations for 3 properties in Victoria that are being used for Non-Profit purposes! All qualified properties will be place into a draw and 3 will be chosen at the end of the month! Please read qualification criteria below before submitting: 1) The Property/Building must be used for verifiable Non-Profit purposes.

2) The Property/Building must have it's own roof space.

3) The Owner of the Business/Non-Profit/Building must apply.

4) The Property must be based in Victoria, Australia. *Installations will be carried out by Sun Factory and funded by SunShare. There will be no charge for the chosen winners.

**Installations will be done by CEC Accredited Installers employed by Sun Factory which is also a member of the Clean Energy Council.

***Sun Factory reserves the right to deny installation due to unfeasible Property conditions. A pre-installation consultation must occur to ensure feasibility.

Do you or someone you know fit the above criteria and own a Business, Non-Profit, or Property? Submit your application at and get the chance to start saving HEAPS for your energy bills today!

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