Onwards And Upwards: Australia Records Over 2 Million Solar-Powered Homes

The solar industry of Australia reaches new heights as the country records that the number of homes which are now using solar is approximately 2.02 million as of January 2019 and is only expected to continue growing. As energy bill costs rise, plenty of people are looking for alternative solutions, and are switching to solar to save money and be more environmentally conscious. Going solar is not only beneficial for you in saving you heaps, but it will also make a huge impact in helping the environment, and reducing your carbon footprint! Homes that have decided to go solar are saving approximately $540 each year on their electricity costs. Solar panel systems allow you to put power consumption into your own hands and cut down on your bills.

The decision to switch to solar is only getting more popular and is spreading rapidly from word of mouth and through social media. SunFactory works towards making a personalized system for you and your home and helping you get the best bang for your buck so you can start saving as soon as possible!

So what are you waiting for? Join the Solar Side and apply at www.sunfactory.com.au/ssp to see if you qualify for our amazing program!

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