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What is solar energy? Solar energy is energy that comes from light from the sun not from heat. This means that even cold climate locations can produce power when the sun is out and shinning. Here are 5 fun facts about solar that everyone needs in their lives.


You may already know that using solar has a positive impact on our planet, but how MUCH of an impact it has may surprise you. The amount of sunlight that comes on Earth in a single day (if it could be harnessed) would supply all the electricity needs for every human being on the planet for an entire year.


Solar is a renewable energy resource that will last for a couple billion more years. We will never run out. Hopefully by taking this step to help erase our carbon footprint, we can continue to spin around the sun the way we do.


Electricity created by home solar energy can be used in dozens of ways. Running appliances, heating water, providing light are all possibilities for solar energy. Though it may be years away, another interesting fact is that solar has a potential in the transportation industry providing energy for cars and other forms of transport! There even has been a small aircraft run by solar that flew across the US a couple of years ago. How cool is this potential?


The current distance from the sun to the earth is 148.89 million km. It takes less than ten minutes for the light from the sun to reach the earth.

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