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Who We Are

Sun Factory is an Australian Solar Energy company and a Proud Member of the Clean Energy Council with decades of combined experience in simplifying Solar Energy for the average Aussie. The team is made up of Energy Specialists and Professional Installers with one goal in mind: Make Solar Simple.

Our Install teams are In-House and Fully Accredited by the Clean Energy Council in order to bring the best possible solutions to our customers. We don't touch low quality hardware, so if you're looking for a cheap way out you may be in the wrong place!

What We Do

Sun Factory is not just a Solar Installer. Our Energy Specialists investigate all our customers current usage and energy needs in a unique Energy Assessment at No Extra Charge! Installing Solar is only half of the battle. We take it to the next step and provide Education, Usage Schedules, and Custom Technology to Maximise savings!

In fact, Sun Factory is the only Solar Company in Australia that has an App on the App Store! Along with 24/7 Technical Support, Usage Tools, and Monitoring Systems, our App and other tools are the reason that Sun Factory Solar Energy Systems save our customers an average of 30% more than anyone else!

That's the Sun Factory difference. Our goal isn't to install Panels on your roof, it's to save you money! Solar is a powerful tool - we want to show you how to use it.


Most importantly, if approved for the Simple Solar Program, the entire upfront cost of the System and Installation will be covered meaning ZERO Cost Solar Energy. We'll show you how to make your Energy Retailer pay for your system!

Learn more about the Simple Solar Program below and see if you qualify:

Sun Factory is also passionate about supporting the less fortunate. Our Not For Profit Projects span from General Contributions all the way to Fully Funded, Community-Wide Solar Systems

To learn more about these projects visit our SunShare page:

Non-Profit Projects

Local ​workers installing a Community Solar System in one of SunShare's recent Rural Community projects.